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Is Back Pain Keeping You From Your Favorite Sport?

As an athlete are you being limited by your back pain? Are you tired of watching your friends stay active while you sit out on the sidelines? Keep reading to find out how Strive Sports Medicine PT is the perfect fit for you…

If any of this sounds like you — we’re here to help.

Sound familiar?

Here at Strive Sports Medicine PT, we know that as an athlete, your physical health and mobility are important to you. 

We know that if you’re not feeling your best, you’re not accomplishing your goals. 

This leaves you feeling frustrated, annoyed, and not as confident as you used to be. 

You want to get back to your old active self – the person you were before back pain made its way into your daily life. 

Sound familiar? 

Strive Sports Medicine PT is the best physical therapy practice to treat your back pain and get you back to living an active, mobile life.

Your back pain has been limiting your ability to stay active in your favorite sports. You’re constantly having to deal with moderate to severe pain while also trying to reach your own personal goals.

It’s frustrating to deal with muscle spasms and aches and pains in your back. 

You don’t realize how much the pain has impacted your physical life until you look back on all of the movements you used to be able to do freely and with ease. 

Patients have been told by outside sources that back pain is just the result of an active lifestyle. 

This is NOT true. 

Back pain isn’t something you have to cope with because you live an active life. 

Your back pain is trying to tell you that something is wrong — luckily, we’re here to get to the bottom of it. 

At Strive Sports Medicine PT, we work closely with you during 1-on-1 sessions to treat your back pain and get you back out on the field or court. 

We know that you’ve missed out on enough and that it’s past time for you to be able to live your active life the way you chose — with no limitations or restrictions.

Since your back pain started, your confidence has been limited.

No more watching from the benches.
  It’s time for us to help you get back on your feet WITHOUT back pain limitations.

And that’s exactly what we’ll help you do. 

Maybe you’ve already tried a few ways to ease the pain…

The only problem with these is that it only relieves your back pain temporarily

The root issue is not being fixed and the back pain continues.

This is where we come in.

We do this because we know how important an active lifestyle is to someone like you. You shouldn’t suffer any longer than you already have. 

Our priority is to help you get to where you need to be. We want you to reach your goals and strive for positive progress. 

We’ll help you get back out on the field or court with your teammates. 

Interested in finding out more? 

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Maybe you’re wondering — how does Strive Sports Medicine PT set apart from the rest?

We are the ONLY physical therapist office in the Salisbury area to help athletes recover in all aspects of sports therapy — including the back pain you’ve been experiencing. 

We promise you a focused and personalized treatment experience – because we know how important your physical health is to you.

We work with you, 1-on-1, giving you the treatment your back pain has been needing to allow you to feel better while out on the field or on the court. 

When you book with us, your athletic performance will no longer be stunted. We will get you back out there, performing like you used to and feeling confident while doing so. 

We know how empowered and strong you are as an athlete — and we can’t wait to help you get back to doing what you love. 

Let’s make this back pain a distant memory for you. 

Ask about our availability TODAY.