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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most commercial insurance plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield do not require a referral for Physical Therapy from a Physician. Some commercial plans do require a referral, email us with questions or contact your insurance provider.   

Yes. If you are covered by a state or federal insurance (i.e. MD-Medicaid, Priority Partners, Tricare, etc) then your insurance will require a referral from a Physician prior to Physical Therapy Services.

Email for specific questions

If you have been referred for Physical Therapy by your medical doctor, please provide us with the referral and their information so we can keep them updated.

Yes. While we are located inside of CSP’s facility, Strive is completely separate business and is open to all athletes, regardless of where you train. We frequently work with athletes that train at other locations – such as The Athlete Academy. There is no obligation or pressure to train at CSP if you come to Strive for rehab.

Email for specific questions

If you have been referred for Physical Therapy by your medical doctor, please provide us with the referral and their information so we can keep them updated.

Yes. Physicians often give you an incomplete list of Physical Therapy clinics in the area, and are not required to give you an exhaustive list. Often they may even give you a list containing only one clinic in Wicomico County. It is always your choice where to seek services and Physicians cannot direct care or require you to go/not go to certain providers. After you have experienced our unparalleled care, expertise, and convenience, please relay your thoughts back to your Physician and let them know about your experience with us.

We offer convenient online booking integrated in our electronic medical record provider (PtEverywhere). After you have made an appointment and provided your name, phone number, email, and DOB, you are not done! 

  1. Please check your email which will send you a link to setup a password and finalize your account. 
  2. At this point you will be able to log in. 
  3. Please navigate to the documents section and open and complete all documents that were submitted to you prior to your first appointment. 
  4. In the documents section, you may also upload any relevant documents to us (i.e. a referral, x-ray/mri reports etc) as PtEverywhere is secure and HIPPA compliant.
  5. Once you have completed all the documents (with parent/guardian signatures if under 18) you are all set for your appointment. 
  6. I recommend downloading the mobile app for PtEverywhere and turning on Push notifications so you will be notified instantly if there are any changes to your appointment, additional documents to complete, or if your clinician has a message for you.
  7. Feel free to use the messaging feature within PtEverywhere at any time to communicate with our PT, as messages are also HIPPA compliant and secure.

We are working on it. As of 10/21/2020 we are accepting Maryland Medicaid (and MCO’s such as priority partners) ONLY for athletes under 21. We are still in the process of credentialing and contracting with several insurance providers (Priority Partners for athletes over 21 and BCBS) in order for you to be able to take full advantage of your insurance coverage for Strive’s Physical Therapy services. Since this can be a lengthy process, we have temporarily discounted our out-of-pocket rates for CSP athletes. Please join our email list to stay updated when we accept new insurance. If you need help understanding some insurance terms click here.

Yes. We use square for credit card processing on-site and able to accept most major credit/debit cards. As a medical practitioner, we are also able to accept HSA/FSA cards for services. Cash or check are preferred if not using HSA/FSA. All receipts will be digital and available for you to print on your own. You are able to pay your bill in person, online, or with check by mail.