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Keys to Sports PT

Resistance Training

Properly prescribed strength and power phases are essential to return to sport and improve function.
Your Sports PT should seamlessly bridge the gap between injury and return to sports performance training

Optimal Loading

Yellow therabands and 2# ankle weights aren’t going to cut it.
Seek out a PT who specializes in treating athletes so your rehab program optimally loads the target tissues required to get you back to sport

Sport Specific

Sports Rehab should mimic movement patterns and prepare you for return to YOUR sport
If you’re doing the same, boring, easy exercises every time, that don’t replicate your sport specific movement patterns – find a new PT, that isn’t a place for athletes to rehab.

Challenging & Engaging

As an athlete, your Physical Therapy program should challenge your body and mind – preparing you for return to sport at your previous or higher level
You should be sweating when you leave


Your Physical Therapist should be proficient in utilizing manual techniques to complement and expedite your rehab and recovery
Dry Needling delivered by a proficient Physical Therapist can be an effective part of your rehab process

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