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What Sports PT Should Be


Athletes should be getting maximum attention and knowledge from their Doctor of Physical Therapy. Not from untrained staff when your PT is busy with other people.
Avoid busy, crowded clinics


Rehabbing athletes properly, especially high level athletes, requires specialized training, knowledge, and understanding.
Seek out a PT who specializes in and focuses on treating athletes


Your sessions should be professionally prescribed, planned intentionally, and constantly changing
If you’re doing the same, boring, easy exercises every time and sitting on a hot/cold pack for 10 minutes – find a new PT – that isn’t a place for athletes to rehab.

Return you to Sport

A sports PT clinic should have plenty of open space, turf, strength equipment, and the ability to FULLY return you to sport – not just guess that you’re ready after using some yellow Theraband and watching you hop a few times.
You should be jumping, cutting, dodging, starting, stopping and much more DURING rehab

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